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Nicole Junkermann

A Story of Success: Nicole Junkermann

There are various famous personalities all around the world, but some are actually the best and invested a lot of time and efforts in meeting the needs of the people. One such name is Nicole, who is very famous for her amazing work in the industry and very famous all around the world. Don’t know much about her? No worries, here are the complete details-

She is a renowned personality who is widely famous as: an entrepreneur Nicole Junkermann. She is a well-known person among big investors as well.There are number of achievements she has gained over the small period of her success.  Sonza was the changing step in her life. From here she started her journey of successful entrepreneur. For More Information Visit

Songza is an application created to give playlists to supporters that match various settings relying upon state of mind, time of day, and exercises. In 2013, Nicole Junkermann was a piece of a gathering of speculators that permitted Songza to raise $3.8 million, giving it the influence expected to develop to 5.5 million endorsers. In July 2014, Google reported its obtaining of Songza, for which it paid an expected $39 million. The deal went ahead the impact points of a comparable buy with respect to Apple, who procured an organization known as Beats for $3 billion. For More Information Visit

After this she was a financial specialist and official accomplice in the reserve. She invested with huge firms. After providing huge benefits to the companies she worked for she started her own ventures where she started investing with big but reliable investors. She has been a symbol of success for women in the world. Her success makes a huge impression the business filed. Her life is a learning inspiring journey which one should learn and inspire their lives from. For More Information Visit